Europe’s Largest E-export Conference Carried Out

The largest e-export conference in Europe organized by the Association of Anatolian Lions Businessmen (ASKON) and the Word eCommerce Forum took place at the “International CrossBorder eCommerce Summit” Istanbul Convention Center.

ASKON brings together leading companies and top executives of the global e-commerce industry on April 26-27. While Konferansta e-export is aimed to contribute to roadmap and increase its awareness; personalized protection, state support in e-exports, online payment trends in the world, 360-degree digital marketing in e-exports, e-export logistics problems. On the second day of the conference, the summit ended with B2B Matchmaking.

DHL Express Turkey, Halkbank Istanbul Stock Exchange and on the second day of the summit in Jollychic platinum sponsorship ended with B2B Matchmaking.

According to the program launched last year by the Ministry of Economy, members of the association’s associations are provided grants for up to 80 percent of their payments if they join in lists of 250 companies to pre-approved trading platforms. Since the beginning of the program, 15 thousand companies have joined the e-commerce platforms in the 1-year period. The amount of support given to these companies was 70 million liray.

“We expect to reach 2.5 Billion of Consumer Population”

ASKON President Hasan Ali Cesur said e-exports have become a rising trend and e-exports have been predicted to be worth 3.5 trillion dollars by 2020. Cesur expressed that the consumer population of e-exports is expected to reach 2.5 billion in the next 3 years, pointing out that companies should capture the trend as soon as possible in order not to miss this opportunity. E exports brave voicing grow exponentially within a few years in Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and Turkey said they give priority to e-commerce in the country like the Netherlands.

“A Sustainable, Stable and Growing Economy We Are Alone”

As businessmen, we are always a sustainable, stable and growing economy. Turkey should look into get rid of the uncertainty. We have an early general election ahead. I hope that this election, as in the previous elections, our democracy will give a nice exam. Country agenda of this process for a moment before removing our priority must return a moment ago, in Turkey, we must continue to grow our way further.

Boğaç Özsan: “Turkey E-exports We Want to Move to More Advanced Point”

DHL Express Deputy General Manager responsible for Sales Boğaç Özsan emphasized that basket values ​​should be raised in the “E-Commerce” presentation of the Economy in the Digital World “.

Always overcome challenges together, she said they want to move to Turkey e- exports at some later point. What kind of support they can provide the Özsan said they work as micro-export company, he said they were headed to the e- investments in Turkey export. Özsan stated that the shipping costs for our single product were high, and that the basket values ​​had to be upgraded to remove it.

“Counterfeit product sells out of system”

According to Mehmet Volkan Sayim, Head of Halkbank SME Product and Process Management Department, a company can export products to 3 countries per year in case of exporting with traditional methods, and that e-exporting companies can export to 34 countries per year. Pointing out that they will cooperate with an e-commerce platform, the Census indicated that SMEs who are away from exporting due to the procedures in this way will be directed to export.

Enumerators, stating that Turkey’s e-commerce has significant potential, this potential is to be realized, Turkey SMEs to return cash terms and expressed the need for the introduction of new entrepreneurs.

Noting that SMEs have regulated the necessary regulatory and support programs in order to be accepted, public authorities gave the following information:

“We can say that these will increase even more in the coming period, and we need to do 12% annual growth on the export side in line with our 2023 export targets, which is a sign that we all have to work very hard.

“We transferred approximately 70 Million Lira of resources to business association organizations”

Ministry of Economy SME and Cluster Support Department Head Mustafa Ali Yurdupak recalled that 80 percent of the payments were made to the e-commerce platforms that were given preliminary approval by the Ministry as 250 companies in bulk memberships. Yurdupak pointed out that since the beginning of the program, he has been a member of 15 thousand company’s e-commerce platforms within the scope of this support within 1 year.

Yurdupak pointed out that e-commerce is a phenomenon that changes all commercial habits, he noted:

“It is anticipated that e-commerce volume will reach about 4.5 trillion dollars in 2020. With industry 4.0, there is a media debate that consumers can sell to producers E-commerce is a very fast changing and transforming phenomenon What happens to the public is to understand this, to create consciousness, then to use the entrepreneurs, to take advantage of this rapid, protective, looking for a legal basis to provide opportunities and need to create.

“Turkey’s SMEs in” Strategy and Planning Executive Vice President Yu-Shik Kim voiced that SMEs, the backbone of the Turkish economy, should be opened to the world.

Turkey e-commerce and e-evaluating who export sector, the backbone of the Turkish economy, SMEs stressed the need for openness to the world. Kim said, “We will be at, encouraging SMEs to grow and develop in the country until today, and we will be with the SMEs in exporting their products abroad.” The e-commerce expression in kullandı.türkiye, found that the level of 3.6 percent share of total trade touched Kim, “This figure is 8-9 percent in European countries, the level of 10-11 per cent in the United States. These figures young population in Turkey potential, internet and mobile penetration. ” he conveyed his views.

“Our structure has over 80 thousand SMEs. SMEs over 80 thousand in Turkey, and there is another platform that could fully integrated online sales channel. We are preparing the infrastructure to enable these SMEs sell goods abroad.” said

payment systems in their research saying that good is more investment to countries MasterCard Safety Management Director Cem Kibaroğlu, “Turkey is the best among it is extremely good location. should be increased dijitalleşmes to enter Best in between. If a place sold your product piracy, simply do not apply to us If we are right after the investigation we have done, we are pushing the firm that sells pirate products out of the MasterCard system.

“Infrastructure Transformation Needed for E-Export”

It was organized on the panes during day-long events. World Newspaper Editor in Chief Hakan Guldager assumed moderated “Turkey’s export One Way Out E-export” Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials panel Exporters Association (İTHİB) Vice Chairman Ismail Shot and Orka Group Chairman Suleyman took place as Orakçıoğlu panelists .

Güldağ pointed out the importance of digitalization in the panel and expressed that the proportion of SMEs using social media account, internet site and cloud technology in the researches revealed is very low.