Mustafa Nejat Güneri

Mustafa Nejat Güneri

Ar-Ge Teknoloji ve İnovasyon Komisyonu Başkanı
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o Carry out in-depth researches, carry out evaluations in connection with the socio-economic structures and policies developed across the globe and likewise, generate versatile development and growth strategies for people and enterprises in our country.
o Make researches on pre-determined fields that are important particularly for our members as well as our nation and carry out activities within the scope of projects providing development opportunities and publish the outcomes in timely manner.
o Develop full-scope annual plans for ASKON, emphasize planning so as to ensure relatively conscious performance of all activities.
o Provide trainings in order to improve the profile of members as key actors in accomplishment of the association`s objectives, and carry out training and mentorship activities so as to ensure that members achieve high level of success in their business operations.
o Carry out feasible and necessary activities in ASKON in connection with e-commerce and focus on generating the relevant business opportunities, partnerships and policies.
o Monitor developments and provide information to members on the new developments so as to ensure them to adapt into technical and innovative advancements.


1. Make researches in connection with the economic, social and political strategies, projects and plans in the world.
2. Make researches in connection with the economic, social and political strategies, projects and plans in our country.
3. Establish an archive system aimed at making use of the conducted researches and drawing the necessary conclusions.
4. Hold meetings at national and international level in order to achieve the objectives.
5. Make preparations to submit the growth and development strategies generated for our country to the relevant authorities.
6. Develop a projection in connection with matters with potential strategic significance for our country and provide information to the board of directors of ASKON for necessary steps to be taken.


1. Conduct researches or have them conducted by others in connection with matters concerning the sphere of activity of an association with businessmen members.
2. Prepare reports or have them prepared by others in connection with the economic matters as first priority.
3. Conduct researches on matters that may be deemed necessary by the board of directors of ASKON.
4. Organize generic and large projects and present them to the society as highly regarded projects of ASKON.
5. Analyse actual economic statistics and make them available for members.
6. Prepare proposal packages on local economy with the purpose of presenting to the government
7. Carry out critical studies on economic packages prepared.
8. Store information related with the members of ASKON as first priority.  (Identification Information, sphere of activity, annual turnover, number of employees, export-import relations, etc.)
9. Compile statistical information on local and global economy.
10. Compile information on access to information.
11. Store permanent and useful R&D researches.
12. Store information providing guidance to members in connection with project development, feasibility and incentives.
13. Compile general information for access to the relevant regulations.
14. Transfer information from the commissions and sectors and compile them into utilizable information.


1. Make general and special plans on all matters concerning ASKON
2. Develop programs and make productions promoting the corporate identity of ASKON.
3. Compile plans of all commissions and convert them into a general plan, ensure activities to be carries out in parallel with the plan.


1. Develop and implement training programs to as to ensure personal, social and mental development as well as business development of ASKON members.
2. Organize conferences, panel discussions, open forums, symposiums, courses, etc. for this purpose.


1. Integrate the entire e-commerce sector to its field of interest.
2. Follow local and global developments in e-commerce.
3. Follow the sector as an investment area and analyse the developments.
4. Monitor the steering of the required interest and response as necessary so as to ensure that the efforts are maintained on behalf of ASKON.
5. Provide contribution for steering e-commerce investments offering potential for sectors in ASKON.

SPHERE OF ACTIVITY: (Technology and Innovation) 

1. Obtain information for developing infrastructures of the companies, follow business lines in connection with the technical innovations achieved in the world and taking initiatives in such business lines, share such information with members and carry out activities encouraging members about innovations.

Askon Sürekli Eğitim Merkezi

Merkezimiz, üye işletmelerin ve işadamlarımızın kendilerini geleceğe hazırlamak ve çok yönlü olarak, kendilerinin kurumsal ve kişisel gelişimlerine destek verecek eğitim faaliyetlerini organize etmektedir.
Gerek trendleri takip etmek açısından gerekse yeni trendler oluşturmak açısından, yeninin ve yeniliklerin taşıyıcı olmak gibi bir görevle işlevini sürdürmektedir.